PMDP Designated Managers Earn More Money…Why Not You!

CAI would like to recognize some of our most outstanding Managers that hold the PCAM designation. On this page, you will find links that will show you our locally sponsored events and PMDP courses that will facilitate career growth and will help you to work towards your goals to obtaining additional designations.

Upcoming Manager Education Courses

For more information and to register, visit The Chapter will reimburse individual members 50% of the course cost, with request form, and passing score (see policy section below).*

Online Spanish Manager Education Course (M100)

This is the same course you know and love, M100 online, but now in Spanish! It’s the same price, same content, same length, same certificate, same book, and same exam. Check it out, by clicking here!

Virtual Education Courses for Managers

CAI has many online and virtual learning opportunities for managers. Click the various links below to learn more on​​

Please contact with any questions.

*CAI Central Florida Course Reimbursement Policy*

The Chapter policy is to reimburse Central Florida members for half the cost of the courses that are hosted by the Central Florida Chapter only (i.e., courses hosted by other CAI chapters are not included in the Reimbursement Policy). In order for the Chapter to reimburse individuals for course completion, the individual must request the reimbursement, provide proof of payment, provide proof of passing the course, and complete this form. Please also attach correspondence from National CAI with proof of passing score. Contact the Executive Director at for more information.


If you are a manager, reserve study provider, insurance and risk management professional, attorney or management company that has obtained CAI credentials, you are automatically listed in the CAI Directory of Credentialed Professionals, where potential employers in your area can find and contact you.

In recognizing these leaders, we want to utilize our members that have already obtained these designations as they will hopefully be able to help others in their goals. You can find a list of Central Florida CAI members with professional credentials here.

Below is some information on the Professional Credentials available through CAI and the Professional Management Development Program that is available to us and our Chapter.

Education for Managers

Community managers are the professional backbone of the communities they serve, providing the skills and expertise that are essential to the successful management of associations. They find the knowledge they need through CAI’s time-tested Professional Management Development Program.

In community association management, unless you continue to develop and refine your skills and knowledge base, you risk missing out on exciting career opportunities and increased earning potential.

Professional credentials give employers confidence that you have the knowledge, experience and integrity to provide the best possible service to their associations.

Community associations and management companies always look for qualified professionals to manage their communities. When you earn a designation, you are automatically listed in CAI’s online Directory of Credentialed Professionals, where potential employers and clients can find you. You also receive a kit with resources you can use to promote your credential to clients and employers.

CAI offers various education courses for community managers that cover a wide variety of topics. Courses are available as live, in-person seminars with an instructor or via a self-paced, independent-study online learning format. Choose the option that best meets your needs and schedule.

Professional Credentials

Similar in some ways to a government, an association is a community and a business, making it a unique type of organization. For some small associations where cost is a significant factor, self-management through a strong volunteer structure can work well. Many associations, however, choose to contract with a professional management company, while others hire on-site managers who become association employees. Some combine elements of different types of management.

If you are a volunteer or board member seeking to hire a manager, insurance and risk management consultant, reserve provider or attorney for your association, visit the CAI Directory of Credentialed Professionals as well as our Central Florida Chapter’s list of members with professional credentials.

If you are a manager, insurance and risk management consultant, reserve provider or attorney wishing to enhance your career, the information here can help you.

CAI awards qualified professionals with credentials to improve the quality and effectiveness of community management. The following credentials are awarded by CAI:

  • Association Management Specialist® (AMS®)
  • Professional Community Association Manager® (PCAM®)
  • Accredited Association Management Company® (AAMC®)
  • Large-Scale Manager® (LSM®)
  • Reserve Specialist (RS)
  • Community Insurance and Risk Management Specialist (CIRMS)
  • College of Community Association Lawyers (CCAL)

In addition, CAI’s affiliate, National Board of Certification for Community Association Managers (NBC-CAM) awards the Certified Manager of Community Associations® (CMCA®) certification.